Bitter honey

Bitter honey is not a specific type of honey but rather a phenomenon where honey becomes bitter in taste naturally or due to other factors. This phenomenon is generally influenced by the source of the honey, its location, and the feeding habits of bees.

How is bitter honey formed?

This honey most commonly develops when bees collect nectar from plants that contain specific compounds. For instance, certain species of flowers or honey trees. The honey tree is a deciduous tree native to Asia, particularly in China, Korea, and Japan. It is primarily used as an ornamental plant and a food source for honey-producing bees. Its nectar-rich flowers attract bees that collect the nectar, resulting in high-quality honey. These compounds impart the bitter taste to the honey. This honey can appear in different plant species and geographical areas where these specific plants are characteristic.

It is essential to note that not all types of honey have the same taste, and the bitterness level can vary based on the honey variety. Some may find certain honey varieties not particularly pleasant in taste, while others may appreciate their unique and rich flavor profiles.


Bitter honey with a unique taste can be used in various ways, often mixed with other flavorings or sweets to balance its flavor. Some people find that adding this type of honey to teas or different beverages can result in interesting and tasty combinations.

Interestingly, the taste and properties of honey can vary depending on the bees’ foraging location and the variety of plants. Different regions worldwide may have unique honey types with different flavors and characteristics, valued or appreciated in local cultures.

Finally, it is important to mention that honey is generally valued for its various health and nutritional benefits, and while bitter honey may also have positive properties, it’s always worth checking the honey’s source and quality, especially if following a specific diet or treatment.

Purchasing Bitter Honey

This type of honey may not be available everywhere, and its availability depends on the region, weather, flowering of plants, and other factors. One way to find out where to buy a unique and special type of honey in Europe is by visiting local beekeepers, honey shops, or markets where various types of honey are sold.

Additionally, when exploring traditional foods or cultural peculiarities of neighboring regions and countries, it’s worth discovering honey varieties with unique tastes, including bitter honey.

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