Ramson Honey

There are several types of honey, one of the most unique being ramson honey, a true delicacy. It originates from the nectar of ramson plants. It should not be confused with lily of the valley, as the latter is toxic and unsuitable for human consumption.

Ramson honey is considered a rarity. Ramson groves can be found in many places in Europe. One of the largest contiguous areas of ramson is located in Hungary. Here, one can collect honey with a distinctive spicy aroma. Ramson blooms in beech forests as early as April, and since no other plants flower at this time and its nectar cannot mix with sweet dew, ramson honey is among the purest types of honey.

Ramson honey has a spicy sweetness with a very pleasant aroma, a harmonious and piquant taste, and a greenish hue. It does not taste like garlic. It crystallizes less. A real delicacy!

The beneficial effects of ramson honey:

  • Provides assistance in respiratory diseases and chronic coughs
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Has a cardioprotective effect
  • Inhibits atherosclerosis and purifies the blood
  • Benefits the stomach and digestive system
  • Improves heart and intestinal problems caused by the stomach
  • Helps in cases of rheumatic diseases
  • Improves chronic skin problems

It has a general immune system-strengthening effect, like most honeys. It contains various minerals, organic sulfur compounds, and vitamin C. This reduces high blood pressure and cholesterol, relieves dizziness and headaches, cleanses the kidneys, the bladder, and promotes urine excretion.

Consumption and purchase of this honey

You should consume it on its own or spread it on bread as a delicacy. Its strong and spicy flavor makes it unsuitable for flavoring coffee or tea.

Buying this special honey is not so simple, as it is not widely available in stores.  But it’s worth looking into beekeeping specialty stores and online shops. Those who want to taste this extraordinary honey with unique flavor and great medicinal properties should search for it in beekeepers’ shops or organic stores.

Honey bees exclusively make this honey from the nectar of ramson plants. No foreign substances, including ramson plants, can be added.


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